he University of Sabratha is one of the governmental public universities in the state of Libya. Its headquarters are located in Sabratha. It consists of a group of colleges, some of which date back to 1992, where they were affiliated to Zawya University until the Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. 157 of 2015.The Establishment of  Sabratha University and the separation of these colleges from the University of Zawia and determine its dependence on the University of Sabratha, the number of faculties of the university is currently (18) colleges distributed in the regions: (Sabratha – Surman – Jamail – Zilton – Rqdalain)

1- Faculty of Engineering Sabratha: Established in 1992.

2 – Faculty of Education Zilton: was founded in 1994.

3- Faculty of Arts Sabratha: Founded in 2000.

4- Faculty of Sciences Sabratha: Founded in 2000.

5 – Faculty of law Surman: was founded in 2000.

6 – Faculty of Economics Surman: was founded in 2000.

7- Surman Medical Technology College: Established in 2004.

8 – Faculty of Public Health Jamail: was founded in 2005.

9 – Faculty of Nursing Surman: was founded in 2007.

10 – Faculty of Arts Jamail: was founded in 2012.

11 – Faculty of Science Rqdalain: Founded in 2016.

12 – Faculty of Medicine Sabratha: was founded in 2016.

13- Faculty of Engineering, Rqdalain

14 – Faculty of Dentistry Surman.

15 – Faculty of Law Zilton.

16 – Faculty of Human Resources Zilton: Founded in 2017.

The university strives to pay attention to the human element and to raise the level of the student scientifically, cognitively and morally to contribute to the education of a new generation characterized by science and creation, as well as to achieve the educational and professional quality to build cadres scientifically qualified, aware of the changes, suitable for the labor market.